Breast Cancer Necklace by Nicki Marie Jewelry

Brand: Flat Out of Heels

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  • $45.00


This Simplistic Necklace by Nicki Marie Jewelry is the perfect subtle statement piece to compliment any look. Jewelry can make or break your look.


  • Gunmetal pendant
  • 34" chain
  • Mirror
  • Resin
  • 1/2" rectangle / 1" circle


Nicki Marie

Nicki King of Nicki Marie Jewelry is a Columbus, Ohio native who has been creating handcrafted jewelry for a number of years. Having a passion for the artistry of jewelry design and being a lover of the arts, she designs jewelry that is focused around the joie de vivre of color, light, and angles.  She carefully selects materials such as mirrors, colors, and metals such as sterling silver, gunmetal, antique copper and brass that give's the pieces she creates a unique and refined edge.

Nicki has designed custom pieces for actress Tara Buck of "True Blood", and renowned jazz singer Clairdee French.  Publications include Esquire, GQ, Cosmopolitan Magazine, British Vogue, Harper's Bazaar UK, Insider Magazine, Social Lifestyle Magazine, and The Huffington Post.  She has been seen on the runway paired with Lubna Design for NYFW, NYLFW, CMH Fashion Week, and FMMF.  She has been on several T.V segments such as Good Day Columbus, Hola TV on Fox 28 and also on Made Local on Fox 28.

Jewelry is a piece of art, it’s a masterpiece worn with your clothes

                                                                                      - Nicki King


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