Vending Machines

Want a Flat Out of Heels machine in your venue?

A Flat Out vending machine is perfect in any location or venue where women are wearing heels and need relief. Our target locations are airports, nightlife venues, conference and convention centers, hotels and retail locations. Contact us at to inquire about placing a Flat Out machine in your location.

Looking for a unique business opportunity?


Flat Out of Heels vending machines are the most convenient way to relieve stiletto sore feet on the go! We have partnered with Solutions Vending International  to create an amazing automated retailing system that is cashless, wireless, and remote inventory monitored. We are seeking individuals that would like to manage their own Flat Out of Heels vending business whether it be part-time or full-time throughout the U.S.


Send us your contact info at and one of our regional managers will follow-up with you.