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How To Walk in High Heels Like a Pro | 10 Tips

Walking in heels often conjures up images of supermodels in towering stilettos stomping down Paris runways with ease. However, how to walk in high heels in real life is much different.

It can be hard to imagine yourself as another Hadid sister when walking in heels feels more like walking on stilts.

That's because heels place your feet (and body) in different places. In heels, 90% of your body weight becomes focused on the balls of your feet instead of being dispersed throughout.

This shift is what makes walking in heels so difficult. Imagine having to move around if virtually all of your body weight suddenly shifted to various body parts! (Hint: it would not be a fun experience).


P.S. don't walk in heels for too long...carry your Flat Out of Heels and make the switch.

  • Dec 23, 2022
  • Category: The Tea
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