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How to Break in Shoes to Avoid Blisters & Pain

Buying a new pair of shoes can be exciting, but the thought of breaking them in can be daunting. Many of us have experienced the pain and discomfort of blisters from shoes that aren't properly broken in. In this blog post, we'll share some tips from Flat Out of Heels on how to break in shoes to avoid blisters and pain.

Wear Your Shoes Around the House

The first step to breaking in new shoes is to wear them around the house. This allows you to get used to the fit and feel of the shoes without putting too much pressure on them. Start by wearing them for short periods of time, gradually increasing the length of time as you get more comfortable.

Use Heat to Stretch Your Shoes

Another way to break in shoes is to use heat to stretch them. Apply heat to the areas of the shoe that are tight or uncomfortable using a hairdryer or by wearing thick socks and heating them with a hairdryer. The heat will help to soften the leather or fabric, allowing it to stretch to fit your feet.

Wear Socks or Stockings

Wearing socks or stockings with your new shoes can help to prevent blisters and protect your feet from rubbing against the shoe. Choose socks that are made of breathable materials and that fit snugly to avoid bunching or slipping.

Invest in Insoles or Inserts

Insoles or inserts can help to provide extra cushioning and support to your feet, reducing the risk of blisters and pain. Look for insoles or inserts that are designed for your specific type of shoe, such as high heels or sneakers.

Stretch Your Shoes with a Shoe Stretcher

A shoe stretcher is a device that can be used to stretch the width or length of your shoes. This can be especially helpful if you have wide or narrow feet that don't fit comfortably in standard shoe sizes. Place the shoe stretcher inside your shoes and leave it in for several hours or overnight to stretch the shoes to your desired size.

Apply Lubricant

Applying lubricant, such as petroleum jelly or anti-chafing balm, to the areas of your shoes that rub against your feet can help to reduce friction and prevent blisters. Apply a small amount to the inside of your shoes and to your feet before wearing them.

Take Your Time

Breaking in shoes takes time, so be patient and don't rush the process. Wear your shoes for short periods of time and gradually increase the length of time as you get more comfortable. If you experience pain or discomfort, take a break and try again later.

In conclusion, breaking in new shoes doesn't have to be a painful experience. By following these tips from Flat Out of Heels, you can avoid blisters and pain and enjoy your new shoes in comfort. Remember to wear your shoes around the house, use heat to stretch them, wear socks or stockings, invest in insoles or inserts, use a shoe stretcher, apply lubricant, and take your time. With these tips, you can break in your shoes and step out in style, without sacrificing comfort. And don't forget to carry your Flat Out of Heels with you everywhere you go!
  • Dec 26, 2022
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