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SHOCKING 3D Scan of woman wearing heels!

THE first 3D scan of a female foot in high heels has highlighted the painful price fashion- conscious women may pay for tottering around in towering Christian Louboutins or Jimmy Choos.

The photo above was taken with a new $340,000 scanner at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in North London. The PedCAT machine, the first of its kind in the UK, does a 360-degree scan of the patient's feet in just 60 seconds.

"There's nothing wrong with being in this high heel position temporarily - it forms a part of your normal stride. And if you wear heels for an hour or two at an evening party, it's not a problem" Mr Goldberg said. "But if you wear them for eight hours a day for years on end, you will develop problems."

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3D of foot in heels

If we showed you a 3D scan of a woman's foot in a pair of Flat Outs you would see her toes smiling!

  • Dec 01, 2022
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