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"Your high heel habit is warping your walk"

NBC Today Show covered a story about the increased risks of muscle strain injuries resulting from long-term high heel use.

You may swear although they look painful, they're "so comfortable!" Sorry, your feet aren't buying it. A new study suggests that the shoes you love are putting you at risk for muscle injury, even when you walk barefoot. When you wear a high-heeled shoe, your foot is forced into a plantar-flexed position. In other words, you're pointing your toes as long as you've got the shoes on. Imagine Barbie feet.

Day after day of teetering in towering heels appears to shorten fibers in the calf muscle, and make the Achilles tendon stiffen instead of flex with each step, a new study published last week in the Journal of Applied Physiology suggests.

Save your feet and carry Flat Out of Heels, ONLY wear the heels to sit and for pictures.

  • Nov 14, 2022
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