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High Heels = Health Problems

Women understandably are fashion conscious and always have a passion to wear the latest arrivals in the fashion world. And high heels are not an exception. In an attempt to look gorgeous, young, sophisticated and trendy women actually risk their health problems as these high heels can affect their internal organs leading to a condition known as Visceroptosis.

Despite the adverse consequences high heeled shoes are popular as they are elegant and fashionable. If they gel with the attire, then they should be worn. In fact they are a good party wear which is why even models wear them as they look very attractive. High heels come in a variety of styles and shapes. High Heels can be an from 2 to 6 inches high. Different types are available such as box heels, pencil heels and the stilettos. Discomfort may be overlooked as fashion-conscious women prefer to wear shoes that match with their attire and are socially acceptable to their peer group.

Excerpt from Best Beauty Info. Read more here!

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  • Nov 28, 2022
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