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7 scary things that can happen when you wear heels too much

High heels aren't often considered to be the most comfortable shoes in your closet, but sometimes you need or want to wear them. You're likely intimately familiar with the pain and blisters that can (and often do) come along with wearing high heels, but you might not realize that your shoe choice can have a real effect on you beyond just the temporary pain associated with squeezing your feet into the shoes.

If you're going to wear high heels, you need to know not only what sorts of things your choice of shoes might be causing, but also how to help address those issues. (and always keep your Flat Outs handy)

  1. You could injure an ankle or end up with stress fractures.

  2. Arthritis is a real concern.

  3. You could make existing foot problems worse.

  4. You could experience pain in your body beyond your feet.

  5. You walk differently.

  6. Your toenails can be affected too.

  7. You could end up with hammer toes.


  • Apr 01, 2022
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