Enter the mind of of niki zoë vickers and one will find an artist totally encompassed by her passion for fashion, vintage, branding & art. Known simply as zoë, this vintage stylist hails from the Midwest, where her weekend trips to vintage stores with her grandmother, Rachel, began her aforementioned passions. Retrieving a classic Picasso print, Goyard trunk or simple Lilli Ann blouse spoke volumes to the blossoming girl as she browsed through racks & bins finding treasures. Her passions led her to Los Angeles and currently New York where she has developed vintagephiles, a multidisciplinary platform for curators/collectors of vintage to be able to share their stories globally. vintagephiles is an opportunity to collaborate and provide an outlet for vintage curators, particularly people of colour, to cultivate & encourage expansion. zoë has worked with clients like Opening Ceremony, CRWN Magazine, InherShoes Blog, Ladies Lotto, DKNY, BMW, Vera Wang, Samuel L. Jackson, Ebony Magazine, A Madd Fox, ELLE Magazine, essie and Ford Models.

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