Woman Calls 911 Because Her Feet Hurt

Sep 12 2016 0 Comments

feet hurt


Ever shopped so hard that your feet feel like they’re going to fall off? Yes, us too.

Most suck it up and drive, walk or jump on a bus home, however one woman took it to the next level – literally.

A woman in U.K. called 999 (like 911) and demanded an ambulance and explained that she was not able to make the two-mile journey home because she had been ‘walking all day’.

A recording of the call, which was made in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, on Tuesday, was released by emergency service this week.

In the clip the woman said: ‘Sorry about this but I’ve been on my feet all day and now my feet are hurting so much that I can’t walk.'

‘They’re burning. I’ve tried to tighten them or loosen them (her shoes) but it’s not changing. I’ve got two miles to walk home and I’m not going to make it in this condition.’

The dispatcher then told her the ambulance service would not be able to take her home unless she had a medical reason why she could not walk, then hung up.

West Midlands Ambulance Service dispatcher Jo Bird branded the call ‘999 abuse’ when addressing it on Twitter.

She said: ‘Female aged 32 has just called 999 as her feet are hurting after being out shopping all day and wants a ride home #999abuse #notataxiservice.’

Awkward. She definitely needed a pair of Flat Out of Heels!



Story by Georgia Diebelius for Metro.co.uk

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