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There is no denying that shoes with high heels look fabulous. They are elegant, sexy and classy. Heels are considered to be wardrobe essential for every woman as they showcase fragility, classiness and sophistication of a being. It is said that every women should have at least one pair of high heels in her wardrobe. That may be true but you really cannot wear high heels all the time now, can you? So, it is important to have more than a pair of comfortable, flat shoes in your wardrobe. There are people who prefer flat shoes over high heels, like me. Yes, we do exist.

People who wear high heels for long periods of time usually experience feet aches and muscle tiredness more often than people who wear flat shoes. There are pros and cons for wearing every type of shoe depending upon the shape of your feet. So, wearing comfortable shoes is essential but wearing healthy shoes, where your feet will thank you later is more important. Shoes are easily available. You can get them by walking into any retail store or by browsing them online e.g. Nike shoes UAE.

Anyone who has worn flats or heels knows there is a great deal of comfort difference between the two. But is that reason enough to abandon heels and stick with flat shoes? Well, I will let you decide that for yourself. I have compiled five reasons as to why one should wear flat shoes. Here goes:

  1. They never go out of Style

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Flat shoes are always in style. They are versatile. No flat shoes are created equal. Flat shoes can be worn anywhere and everywhere. If you are wearing flat shoes, you don’t have to be afraid of being overdressed. You can also stick to flats for formal events. There are some flat shoes that are literally out of this world. Weddings and parties do not tell the venue of where they are being held. So, always being prepared with a pair of flats will ensure that there will be no embarrassment or injuries from unfamiliar terrain. Better safe than sorry.


  1. Medically Preferred

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Doctors recommend flat shoes. Excessive use of heels can lead up to possible foot or toe deformities. Flats are more convenient than heels. Have you ever tried running or catching a taxi while wearing high heels? Yeah. I guessed it right. It is not the easiest task. Flat shoes not only enable you to run as you like but can also help avoid an injury. Heels can cause injuries. Due to the unnatural position of the foot, many women suffer from ankle strains. No sore feet for the ones’ wearing flat shoes rather than the ones wearing heels. Guess whose feet will not be throbbing by the end of the night? So, flat shoes will have you dancing through the night.


  1. Save Money

Flat shoes are often cheaper as compared to high heels. They are also low maintenance. Flat shoes also do not cause any blisters. In this way, you can save money on all that band-aid supply. A pair of flats by the same designer may cost as little as half of what its heel sister does and just think that you could buy two pairs of flat shoes for the price of one pair of high heels! Now that is a win-win situation! So, flat shoes for life.


  1. Day to Night

You can wear flat shoes from day to night. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere, at your home, to work, to the gym, to a wedding, to a party or even on a date. They will never make you feel overdressed or underdressed. You can wear flat shoes day in and day out without really getting tired of them. You will surely be able to keep moving and you would want to wear them day after day because they can rock any style. Flat shoes help you get the regular height and they do not leave you towering over others. So, for being comfortable with style, you've got to stick with flat shoes.


  1. Confidence Boosters

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With all the fun patterns and wild styles, flat shoes can help you really get out your creative side and let you be experimental with your everyday look. Cobbled streets are not the flat shoes’ enemy, you can bounce your way to old, historical places without the fear of falling down. We all know well enough, when you look good, you feel good and confident in yourself. Being comfortable radiates confidence and confidence is the key to success. Flat shoes are the source to let you be bold and confident all at the same time.

Heels are so over-rated. It is the time for flat shoes to shine and be in the spotlight. Flat shoes pair well with all sorts of looks. So, they are a must have for everyone. There should be more than one pair of them in every girl’s closet. Stick with flat shoes, if you want to feel comfortable and yet feel stylish. The best reason to go for flat shoes or skechers is that they are multi-season friendly and like I said, they never go out of style. Flat shoes give you the comfort to go about your day confidently.


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