How To Use Your Flat Out Rollable Flats

Sep 13 2013 0 Comments

Flat Out of Heels rollable flats come with a shoe bag to make carrying your heels and toting your Flat Outs more convenient. Not sure how to use the bag and what the velcro is all about? Watch our instructional video or follow the step by step instructions below to be a FLAT OUT PRO!



1. Take your new pair of Flat Out Of Heels out of the box.

2. Roll-out your flats, put them on and go!

3. Unfold the black bag and place your heels in the bag.

4. When you are ready to switch back, take the black bag that came with the shoes.

5. Fold the bag twice so that the velcro is on the front and back side once folded

6. Roll up your flats so they fit firmly in your fist

7. Take the bag and lay it flat

8. Roll the shoes with the bag until the Velcro touches in a T- shape.

9. Your done! You're now a Pro! 

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