Show Us Your Flat Out Moments and WIN!

Flat Out Moments

Women are expected to wear heels for every major life moment but she can only last an average of 3 hours in heels before the pain becomes unbearable! We designed Flat Out of Heels to be here for you for every life moment...from work to play. 'Flat Out Moments' are the moments when Flat Outs rescue your feet and allow you to push through your day and keep it cute! We always enjoy receiving feedback about our products and personal testimonials from our fabulous Flat Out customers. Now we want you to show us your favorite Flat Out Moments for a chance to win a 1 year supply of Flat Outs. To enter, simply post a picture of you in your Flat Outs on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag us #TeamFlatOut and we will confirm your submission. We will even feature our favorite pictures on our Flat Out Moments page.

Flat Out Moment


"I recently purchased a pair of Flat Outs and I love them! They are the most comfortable and fashionable flats I ever had! I have a hard time trying to find comfort in shoes because I had an underdeveloped foot at birth. These shoes are comfortable and I even wear them as shoes! I can walk around the mall and my feet are still not hurting! Even some tennis shoes hurt, but not my flat outs! I will always purchase this product and I want every color! Thanks for inventing a comfort I have searched years to find!" - Christina Baylor, #TeamFlatOut



  • Feb 01, 2016
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