5 YouTube Channels We Can’t Live Without

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YouTube Channels

These YouTube Queens will have you coming back every time!


 Karen Yeung @iamkareno

With over 1.3M followers, LA based blogger Karen Yeung takes her viewers on quirky + informative jaunts to all things beauty, fashion, lifestyle and anyplace in between. She loves the rawness of city life juxtaposed into the serenity of suburbia; it is apparent in not only her style but each video.




 Ambroisa Malbrough @brosiaaa

Ambroisa Malbrough and her thoughtful channel focuses on not only beauty, natural hair but meditation and living a minimalist life. Her 150K+ followers are always met with whimsical content and learning something new in every video from this Southern belle.





 Ingrid Nilsen @ingridnilsen

Ingrid Nilsen started her YouTube channel to help herself overcome her fear of public speaking and boy oh boy has it been a whirlwind of success. Her channel boasts over 4M followers who flock to check out her latest beauty, fashion, and makeup obsession. Ingrid’s influence even placed her to have an intimate conversation with President Obama in a White House hosted livestream in 2016!





 Zoe Elizabeth Sugg @zoella
@zoella + @morezoella

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is not only a YouTube influencer but a best-selling author whose offering Girl Online broke records for highest first-week sales. Zoe has two channels with over 15M followers who love to check out her day in the life, bloopers, fashion beauty and general life shenanigans in her Lacock, Wiltshire backyard.






Raye Boyce was one of the first black beauty vloggers to hit over 1M followers on YouTube which is no small feat to master. The Boston native began her channel due to the multitude of requests from her Tumblr and Instagram followers who were enamored with her beauty content.
Log into your YouTube today and add these lovely ladies!

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