5 workouts

Did you work hard through the winter and spring to get the summer body that you desired? If not here are 5 workouts that you can do to tone up in no time! Best of all no weights are required so you can do these anytime and almost anywhere.

  • Push Ups: Great for toning your arms, chest and upper back.
  • Squats: Sculpt your gluteus maximus and thighs quickly by doing a few daily.
  • Calf raises: Don’t forget to do these to tone the lower half of your legs!
  • Planks: While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever love doing planks the result of a stronger core, back and shoulders are well worth the sacrifice.
  • Jumping Rope: The equipment needed can fit just about anywhere so can easily take a jump rope with you while you travel. And jumping rope is a great way to improve your heart and lung health, coordination, balance, bone density and burn tons of calories all at once!

After you’re done working out order a pair of Flat Outs to wear as you’re walking to the beach to show off your hard work and dedication to getting in shape!

  • Jun 29, 2016
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