To be prepared for just about any situation make sure you have these 5 items in your purse at all times!

  • Tissues: Not only are they necessary when you need to blow your nose but they can be used to blot away oil or sweat and can be used to dry your hands or open a door during those outings when the public restroom you have to use needs to be restocked.
  • Stain-eraser pen: We have yet to meet a stain that can’t be tackled by a stain-eraser pen!
  • Safety pins: If a hem falls or a button pops off a few safety pins will help fix your latest wardrobe malfunction.

  • A pair of Flat Out of Heels: With the stylish solution to relieve your sore feet stored neatly in the shoe bag in the corner of your purse you never have to worry about long days or nights in your favorite pair of high heels or choosing to spend the rest of your night out in your bare feet!
  • A portable battery charger: Most of these handy chargers are universal so you can use the same one for different brands of cell phones or devices, provided you have the cable for each device.


  • Sep 14, 2016
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cpabvzcsax March 24, 2021

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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