5 of the Most Fashionable Women on IG

Sep 30 2016 0 Comments

Coco Chanel has an classic quote “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” 

5 fashionable women on IG

 The following ladies fit this description flawlessly.


 Rita Lynn fashion

Rita Lynn is an all around bad ass whose delicate balance of tomboy swank and downtown chic is an inspiration to all who know and follow her.



 gypsy bruja

Trae Harris aka gypsybruja emits such radiance in not only her personality but her indigenous and culturally charged wardrobe. The performing artist, writer and teacher artist is a vessel for those open to exploring her/his authentic self.



 Miss Lydia

Miss Lydia is the epitome of a vintagephile with her royal execution of a vintage lifestyle. Her love for all things 1940s will make you weak in the knees to raid and purchase this vintage curator’s closet!



 Diamond Mahone

Diamond definitely shines bright as her style excites anyone who takes a gander upon her IG feed. An alluring juxtaposition of retro luxury, this Dallas native can do this style game with her eyes closed!




Aureta Thomollari has set the world ablaze with her aberrant take on all things luxury in not only the fashion world but art too. Her closet reads like an international directory of all things couture and her IG feed will open up your own wanderlust!


Follow these ladies like yesterday and you just may upgrade your idea of style!


beautifully in her chaos,





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