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Hopefully you never need to use them but these are 5 legit reasons when you may have to call off from work.

 Call off work

  • You have a cold: Please stay at home for a few days for your health and the health of those at your job. They will definitely appreciate you more!
  • You sprained your ankle: You were running for the bus or train in your heels and took a misstep. You may need a day or two off work while you recover. Make sure you have your Flat Outs on next time!

call off work

  • You have a migraine: We wouldn’t wish this on anyone and if you’ve ever had one you know you can barely function so this is definitely a reason to stay home.
  • You missed your flight home: Did you party a little too hard while on vacation? Or was there weather that caused your flight to be cancelled? Either way if you are stuck out of town you can’t make it to work.
  • You are taking care of an ill family member or friend: If you are helping a family member or friend when they are ill you may need to take a few days off of work.

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