5 Health Blogs You Should Read Daily

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health blogs

Keep your health on track with these five health blogs.



With a PhD in neuroscience and a best selling book, Darya Rose’s blog www.summertomato.com stands behind the way to be healthy and maintaining healthy is cultivating healthy habits that you actually like.





Cassie from www.wholefully.com has turned her Midwestern roots into a health blog true to her upbringing of using the land, whole foods and natural living.




wellness mama

Katie of www.wellnessmama.com is committed to helping us live healthier by sharing “practical tips, real food recipes, natural beauty and cleaning tutorials, natural remedies and more.” I have been a fan of hers since discovering her delicious recipe for golden milk: an herbal remedy using turmeric that helps to keep your immune system golden!




lively lynnette

Plant based chef, Lynnette Astaire originally began her journey as a highly accomplished artist and lifestyle expert which morphed into an amazing career helping people to live healthier. Her blog www.livelynnette.com/ focuses on advising that “True treatment is a symbiosis of mind, body and spirit.”




@luisegreenkitchenstories + @gkstories

Wife and husband duo, Luise Vindahl & David Frenkiel of www.greenkitchenstories.com encourage living as simple and pure as possible. Their delightful blog is full of inspiring recipes, helpful health tips, beautiful imagery and interesting stories with each recipe.


With all of the overindulging we may probably do this holiday season, these blogs will help bring you back on track. Enjoy!


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