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Have a date planned but you're no longer up to going out? Here are 5 excuses you can use to cancel a date.

5 excuses to cancel a date

  • You have an upset stomach: Let’s face it, no one is in a good mood when their tummy is doing somersaults so this excuse will likely get you out of a date.
  • You have a headache or migraine: It will be understood that you’re not up for conversing or cocktails or much else if your head is throbbing.
  • The heel on your shoes broke: It may be difficult to get out of date  using this excuse because most folks have more than one pair of shoes and you should have a pair of Flat Outs on standby at all times. But since coordination and looking fly is important your date should understand that a last minute wardrobe malfunction has thrown off your day and mood! 
  • You have a toothache: Here’s another really good reason why you wouldn’t be up to hanging out or eating or doing much more than relaxing at home.
  • You’re no longer up for it: If you’ve had a rough day or are exhausted after a long week you can simply tell your date you need some me time.

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