5 Apps to Make Life Easier

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apps to make life easier

Your Smartphone: “Psst! I know that you are a busy yet can I make a suggestion?”
You: “Can you make it quick? I am running late to my tenth meeting today and I need a doppelgänger to get all of things I need done!”
Your Smartphone: “I want to help you relieve some of the stress from your overloaded life.
Open the app store and follow me as I take you on a quick tour of apps to help you.”
You: “Let’s do it!”

Dropbox: Free for 2GB of space; additional space packages available

Dropbox is a great accoutrement to have with Basecamp. The cloud based, file syncing service is great for working files in a single folder. The ability to share a link to your biggest files offers a piece of mind for all parties involved. When you are in offline scenarios, the Favourites option allows for fast viewing of your files. Available on iOS and Android .

Ifttt: Free
“If this, then that” is an app the holy grail of simplifying and automating everyday tasks between other apps on your device. Using the recipe “If this, then that” you will can receive a text message if rain is in the forecast, save a news story once it posts or share a photo as soon as you capture it. More than sixtyfive supported apps and services work seamlessly with Ifttt. Available on iOS and Android.

Basecamp: Free, paid subscriptions from $20/month
Time to check on the status of your projects after that morning run and juicing session before heading to your first meeting. Basecamp provides an effortless configuration for its project management platform. You can contribute on a discussion for any part of the project and post your ideas while checking the progress as your team completes necessary tasks. Jill Duffy of PC Magazine raves “The real beauty of Basecamp is the centralization. All discussions,
informationdissemination, scheduling, taskassigning and questions live alongside the project.” Available on iOs and Android.

Flipboard: Free
No matter the industry that you work within, being abreast of what is happening on the global stage is a great tool to keep in your backpocket. Flipboard provides a news aggregate in a sleek, printstyle layout to allow you to create your own personal daily news magazine. World class publication like the New York Times, PEOPLE Magazine, Fast Company and Vanity Fair provide the newsfeed for source to the world news. Available on iOS and Android.

Any.do: Free
This synchronized, simple todo list app is a great way to start off your day. Your life can be managed via this app for all of your family tasks, work projects and personal todos in a singular, collaborative place. Key features include seamless cloud sync, speech recognition, customizable time and location reminders, shared tasks, simple notes, file attachments, gesture support and more. Available in iOs and Android .

You: “Wow these suggestions have definitely opened my eyes to some things I need to have.”
Your Smartphone: “Let’s try them together!”
You: “I am already downloading.”

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