Loren Ridinger Designs Exclusive Collection of Flat Out of Heels

Flat Out of Heels is proud to announce our partnership with Loren Ridinger, Senior VP of retail giant Market America and Shop.com. The Loren Ridinger collection was designed with the idea of affordable luxury in mind. Loren removed our signature bows and replaced them with unique stitching and detail while remaining rollable and compact. The Loren Ridinger collection is available for sale now.

Loren Ridinger Collection

Loren named the shoes in her collection after women near to her heart:

JGLO: inspired by her best friend Jennifer Lopez using beautiful brushed nickel vegan leather with silver studs

EVITA: inspired by her close friend Eva Longoria using navy blue reptile vegan leather with detailed stitching and gold accents

GLAMBER: inspired by her daughter Amber McLaughlin using green camo canvas with vegan suede trim and gold accents.

These are LIMITED EDITION and are selling out fast. We are offering this presale to our loyal customers before releasing them for sale on Shop.com next week. The collection will formally launch on February 5, 2015 at the Market America International conference in Miami. Get yours now for only $29.99.

Read more about our partnership with Loren here - Click Here

  • Jan 22, 2015
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